• Push the spirit “Service from the heart” among staff – Do small things with great love for students
  • Collect and spread beautiful stories about customer service, from our staff and our students
  • Recognize the effort of our staff in contributing to WSE success


  • From 1st September 2015 to 31st October 2015


1. “Breakfast for the Souls” Daily Emails

Developed content (in both English and Vietnamese) for daily “Breakfast for the soul” emails inspire the staff about what they can do for their customers, which are about:

    • Best service practice
    • Touching stories from customers
    • Motivational videos about self-development


2. Internal Competition

  • Center Directors and Service Managers will give the Staff Card (Blue) with appreciation message for the staff who make students happy, or have new innitiatives to improve customer service.
  • Students will write their happy moments about the staff they like in the Student card (White).
  • All the cards will be put into The box of stories:  Prizes will be rewards for the staff that has the highest number of stories and the students that has the most touching stories

Story cards

Staff card
STAFF CARD: “Wall Street English would like to give our special appreciation for your efforts in taking care of students. Thank you for surprising our student simply by such a small thing from your heart– just a little more than what they expected!”
Student card
STUDENT CARD: “Has a Wall Street English employee ever surprised you with their small caring actions? Kindly share with us that touching moment. Your small stories will be our inspiration to improve ourselves day by day. Every week two thank-you gifts will be granted to the 2 most touching stories. Your small action make a difference!”

Info board and The box of stories

 20150914_122058 picture25

3. Weekly Surprising Moments

  • Worked with suppliers and agency to deliver surprising gifts and events for employees at center.
  • Worked with CEO and COO to have them appeared at the surprising events as the key factor, which is to motivate the employees, give the students joyful experience at WSE


picture19 picture18 picture21 picture16


1. Emotional impact

New innitiatives for Management team and Training team  

«Let the students be fan of yours»

«- Bring more students to your office more often, for helping them doing studying plans, asking about their feedback or just chatting with them
– Hang out with the students for lunch, dinner
– Buy cakes, candy, small gifts for your students
– Smile, hug, kiss, shake hands your students whenever you see them, and say any thing you can to inspire them»

 Email from Deputy Center Director of WSE SC VivoCity to the Sales team

« I was really inspired by daily Breakfast for the Soul that the team sent to WSE staff. I am actually keeping a collection of these stories and I am going to use them for my training in the future to inspire new staff.»

From WSE Service Trainer 

Employees are more proactive to deliver extra service to their customers


“Minh spent a lot of time creating a handmade gift with cards from himself and from the DCD.
As normal we gathered ECs, SOs, CC to the office and say ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. The student was totally surprised and she cried. She said “I am from Hanoi and I do not have many friends here. I do not expect that people know my BD. This makes me very happy and I’d like to thank you very much. This means a lot to me today.””

From Deputy Center Director of WSE SC VivoCity

«We have read all the interesting stories that you sent us which have touched us and motivated us to develop our service. On behalf of SO Hung Vuong, i’d like to thank you for doing small things like that but make a big difference for us. »

From WSE Hung Vuong Service Officer team

«I really enjoy receiving simple story every morning, thank you so much»

From WSE SC VivoCity’s Educational Consultant (Sales)

2. Indirect sales impact

picture2 picture3

“David’s prospect was in a demo lesson when Andrew – Country manager came with Non la and Donuts to give to staff. She was impressed by our service and decided to sign contract and refer her sister to join.”

From Educational Consultant at WSE Pico

“I have supported 1 EC in HV Center (Ms HOAI HUONG) who was my new EC of last batch Sep 2015. Together, we did handle this prospect in the 1st meeting. He is a student.
After we knew his father was in the hospital for surgery, I advised her to make 1 surprised service & instructed her to make 1 wishing card to wish good health for him with signatures of some ECs.
After 1 week, he did come back to sign contract by yesterday morning.”

From WSE Head of Sales Training