Denis Diderot – a famous writer and philosopher once said:

“Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things.”

This is a world-famous quote, and also the favorite quote of mine. It directs my way of thinking, my decisions in life and my choice in career.

Inspired by “Thank you mom” campaign of P&G in 2012, I decided to study in Marketing as I believe that Marketing has the power to impact on people’s behavior and create miracles in life. I seek for opportunities that allow me to develop my skills and experience further in Marketing & Communication to deliver meaningful message and bring good values to the customers. It’s the passion of my life and the mission that I am pursuing in my career.


  • MY PROFILE: Include Resume, LinkedIn, Awards – Certifications, which provide full details about my background.
  • PROFESSIONAL WORK: My Portfolio of all the projects that I have done related to Content writing and Copywriting, Marketing Campaigns, Communication Plans and Events
  • BLOG – Words Journal: My personal blog in Vietnamese for Stories Writing, Films, Dramas & Books Reviews and other Content Creation
  • REFERENCE: Contacts of my former and current supervisors and managers for job reference